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Victory Reins is a program designed around our workbook titled "Leading a Horse to Water". This workbook is divided into six sessions which include a description of the lesson along with a homework assignment that will be discussed with a counselor. The Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions incorporate activities with the horses to teach the concepts in the workbook. With the purchase of the full package, you will receive a $10 discount per session and the workbook is included.

Individual Counseling Sessions are also available.

Initial Assessment

- $100 (waived if continue in program)

Decompression Session

- $60 Session with Horses

Packaged Sessions

- 6 EAL Sessions
- $150 per Session
- Workbook Included
- Full payment due at first session
- 2 One on One Sessions Included

Individual EAL Sessions

- EAL Session $160
- Workbook $10

Individual Counseling Sessions

- One on One Counseling $85
- Workbook $15

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